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15 | USA | ISFJ

If you need me, I'm probably crying about marvel or supernatural'

70% Supernatural & marvel
15% Hannibal, Harry Potter, & Sherlock
10% Bands
5% Doctor Who, hunger games, star trek
watching supernatural s8, batman trilogy

reading chronicles of narnia, divergent

it’s alright, it’s alright

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The Hunger Games MBTI

Gale Hawthorne —> ISTJ

ISTJs are both responsible and realistic. They take a logical approach to achieving goals and completing projects and are able to work at a steady pace toward accomplishing these tasks. They are able to ignore distractions in order to focus on the task at hand and are often described as dependable and trustworthy.  People with this personality type are usually very loyal and devoted to family and friends, but may struggle to understand their own emotions and the feelings of others. They can be quite reserved and sometimes fail to pick up on the emotional signals given by other people. However, once they are close to a person and develop an understanding of that person’s feelings and needs, they will expend a great deal of effort toward supporting those needs.

You saved my life over and over. Man, you sacrifice everything for me, don’t you think I’d do the same for you? You’re my big brother, there’s nothing I wouldn’t do for you. x

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(2/5) Ladies (x)

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Some daily conversations of Dean Winchester 

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— He isn’t in heaven. He has to be somewhere.

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You're Still A Mystery
by Bleachers
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365 days of music (345/365)

You’re Still A Mystery - Bleachers

"I wanna write your name up on my wall
Wake you up in the dead of the night
Breaking the lines just trying to get better.”


7.21 → 8.23

I used to be afraid of meeting with beasts
but now there is a desperation in me
for teeth and claws and anger.
Let the monster chew me up
and spit me out bloodied and hardened.
I will learn vengeance and I will learn
rage and I will be eaten up until I am 
tough enough to face a world that would
keep me soft and helpless.
Let me not just meet with monsters
but let me love them also. (x)

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SPN MEME | [7/8] Episodes - 8.11 LARP and the Real Girl

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7.12 | Time After Time

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do you ever get those pangs of anxiety where you feel like nobody likes you and nobody will ever like you and you will achieve nothing